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6 Great Habits to be A Happy Couple

A Happy Couple On Valentine’s Day.

2016 Valentine's Day by Mimi

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day again, a special day to celebrate love. It is a celebration mainly amongst happy couples in love, but it can also be a celebration of love amongst family and good friends. Although Valentine’s day has been commercially hyped out as a day for romantic love celebration, I believe we should rejoice in the love we share with the other special someone in our life every day, and not just on Valentine’s Day.

So how do you maintain being the happy couple? Human relationship is complicated. Falling in love is easy and sometimes, falling out of love can be even easier. So when we are in a relationship, how do we keep being the happy couple? The answer is to nurture your relationship by practicing some great habits in your day-to-day life. So on this Valentine’s Day, here are some great easy habits to cultivate every day for a better relationship with your other half.

A Happy Couple always:

1. Communicate and Listen

  • Take time everyday to speak to each other, to share your day with each other.
  • Say “I Love You” daily – it is great to hear this affirmation even though we already know.
  • Spend time to keep in touch even if you are separated by distance.
  • Learn to listen without fixing. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us to release our frustration, stress, etc.

2. Prioritize each other. 

  • Put your relationship in top list! Be faithful, honest, and committed to your relationship.
  • Think of your partner first and try to accommodate each other – when we do that, we tend to be more receptive of each others’ wants and needs.
  • Always respect each other. Don’t use your partner’s secret to hurt him/her no matter what the circumstances.

3. Keep appreciating each other.

  • Don’t take each other for granted – sometimes, when we get familiar or close to someone, we stop being polite and appreciative.
  • Mind your manners and remember to complement each other when the opportunity arises.
  • Date night regularly.
  • Continue the romance throughout your relationship. Flirt constantly. Open her door, pull her chair, kiss him, hold hands together, cuddle, ruffle his hair, etc.
  • Do new exciting things together.

4. Don’t hide resentments/Argue constructively.

  • Talk out your resentment and find a solution instead of bottling it up and letting it damage your relationship.
  • When arguing, argue positively. All couples argue, there is no perfect prince charming princess fairytale where we live happily ever after in a perfect world. However, learn to argue and work out disagreement constructively.
  • Avoid negative criticism (e.g. you are a pig and never help around the house), instead focus on using constructive word (e.g. I need help with keeping the house. Would love it if we could spend some time together spring cleaning the house this weekend!).

5. Have regular sex.

  • Sex is one of the closest and most beautiful way to bond, especially when you love each other plus it comes with loads of added health benefits, which will be another topic for another day!

6.  Go to bed at the same time.

  • Bed time is one of the best quiet time to share your day together, to cuddle, and speak to each other.

Have fun being the Happy Couple . Remember to stay positive in love! When you work on a positive mind set and attitude towards life in general, it will not only help you succeed towards a happy relationship, but in everything that you choose to undertake. Have a joyous celebration day of love!

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who Am I - Mimi Low
No, this is not a trick question. I used to ponder on this question daily ……. just soul searching on finding the ME.
We often grow up with ideas of who we want to be……..influenced by our parents, our teachers, peers and the surrounding environment. We mould ourselves to that image equating it to our Ideal Self in search of our identity, constantly re-considering ourselves and revolving around who we strive to be.
Sometimes, when we face a major change in our lives that affects us severely, we may be confronted with these thoughts – Who am I? What am I doing here?
Ever felt that? I have and most constantly in the last ten years or so of my entire life. When this happens, it can sometimes bring down our self esteem, or confidence and may affect how much we value ourselves.
So how do we overcome this matter and who is the Real You?
I do not claim to be an expert on this subject. But what I have discovered is that we need to practise wisdom to engage life as we would like to live it, not how others perceive it to be and certainly not how we want others to perceive us to be.
  1. Be deeply aware of your own thoughts, emotions, voice and actions.
  2. Learn about yourself – get to know your hopes, your fears, your dreams. What makes you happy? What can you accept in your life?
  3. Spare some time daily to analyze your day. How did you react to it and was the outcome acceptable by you? Was it who you want to be in handling the daily affairs of your life? If not, what can you do to change it for the better? I personally find the best time is before bedtime where I will calm my mind and go through my day to see what made me happy and what was not so conducive to being my ideal self and how I can change matters to become my happy ideal self.
  4. Next, figure out what you can do to change or improve yourself and start making positive affirmations to do so.
  5. Write your positive affirmations down and read them daily to remind yourself, if you need to.
  6. Focus on yourself and the changes to becoming YOU. Don’t focus on things you do not want. Focus your thoughts on things and changes you want positively.
  7. Find your inner strength and will power to master your mind to do things that will change you to become the “YOU” you want to be and the life you wish to have.
  8. Last but not least, cultivate peace and tranquility to rectify your emotion and habits, so that you may let go of anger, hate and greed. This bit is the hardest to do but with tiny reinforced steps every day, it is achievable.

Be yourself, not someone else.
Live your life, not someone else’s.

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