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Hi, I'm Mimi Low

An ordinary person with extraordinary passion in all I do.

About Mimi Low

I am a mother of two wonderful children. Prior to getting married,  I had the golden opportunity of living and working in Hong Kong for many years. I was an airline crew, course developer and trainer. When I was a crew, looking after my passengers’ safety and comfort was always top priority whether in first class, business or economy class. During my high flying days, I was blessed with the chance of traveling extensively. I got to meet people from all walks of life. I was blessed, especially to enjoy and understand different cultures around the world.

Retiring from the airline industry, I ventured into the corporate world. Here I gathered more invaluable experience and knowledge in customer service and time management. I excel as a accomplished communicator and motivator in

  • contract negotiations
  • building up business relationships
  • business analysis
  • training and staff management

I have more than 25 years of experience in dealing with people and soft skills topics:

  • personal development
  • grooming and deportment
  • customer service

Some of my qualifications:

  • Cathay Pacific Train-The Trainer
  • HRDF (Malaysia) Train-The Trainer
  • Personal Mastery With Prof Sri Rao Kumar
  • NLP Practitioner of the AUNLP

I am currently more focussed in writing and educating about mindfulness and rediscovering our true self.  You may learn more about my full qualifications in LinkedIn.

My Values & Beliefs

Beauty From Within

Looking good on the outside and projecting beauty from the inside.

Wisdom From Within

Creating a postiive mindset to deal with daily life by upholding the right principle with positive mental model.

Continuous Learning Throughout

Constant learning from experiences and improvising as we live in the moment. Are you living in the moment?


Mimi has in-depth knowledge, skills, and experience in her subject matter. She is very hands-on with the participants and will go to the extra mile to create value for her participants. I enjoyed working with Mimi.


Customer Experience Consultant, CX Expert Asia

Featured Services Conducted By Mimi Low

Quality Training and Personal Development:

  • Mind, Body & Soul Coaching
  • Grooming and Deportment
  • Confidence in Social Etiquette
  • Mastering English
  • Job Search Skills For School Leavers
  • Customer Experience
  • Handling Complaints
  • Managerial Skills

My Gift For You.

5 Daily Mindfulness Book By Mimi Low Cover

A simple mini guide that helps you practice self awareness in every breath, every thought, every word and every action. When we can centre our focus into the present moment of all we do, success is imminent.

Are You READY For CHANGE To REVEAL Your Personal BEST?

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