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Respond versus React

Respond Vs React To Life

Written by Mimi Low

I am a mind, body and soul life coach who helps individuals gain better insights into their true nature and dynamics. As a writer, I take delight in being an "optimized" content creator, writing different topics for my peers and clients in helping to promote a more well informed website.


 Yes, there is this saying that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. However I shall say one better, life is much better when we can control our own actions and master how we respond to situations presented to us.

Most of us would think of respond and react as meaning the same, but there is a subtle difference between the two.

A reaction is instantaneous without thinking. It is fed by the unconscious mind of uncontrolled emotions, limiting beliefs, prejudices, past experiences and all memories outside of our conscious awareness. Reaction is almost always survival orientated.

On the other hand, a respond is taking a moment to access the situtation or matter based on reasons, core values, compassion and mindfulness that enables us to take the best course of action.

When we are able to align the unconscious mind with the conscious mind (the part that consists of everything inside our awarenss), we will be more equipped to make better judgements and respond wisely instead of reacting mindlessly.

So how can we do this? How do we learn to respond? With four simple steps:

  1. PAUSE.
  3. THINK.
  4. ACT.


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