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Celebrating The Joy of Life

Celebrating The Joy Of Life

Written by Mimi Low

A coach, mentor and writer who Is passionate about helping individuals be their personal inner best and who aspires to share the virtues of love, kindness and compassion In making a better world.


Celebrating The Joy Of Life

Another year has flown by so quickly, and much has happened this past year. With the pandemic onset of COVID-19 in Jan 2020, we had to change our lifestyle and continue to do so while trying to win this battle against sickness, uncertainty and losses.

As we move through the motion of this change, in quiet reflection on my birthday this year, I recall to mind, the little things that have not only brought joy to my life but have also made my life more meaningful and worthy.

Very often we forget to enjoy the little things in life as we go about living big things. In our quest to go after the bigger picture, the smaller “insignificant” matters go unnoticed and unappreciated. We fail to recognize the small stuff that gives meaning and significance to life.

What are the small things? Well, for example, I used to think that owning a big house will make me happy. Frankly, this is so far from the truth. Having a big house is wonderful, but what matters more are the little touches we place and do around the house that change the house into a home. For me, they are filling my home with personal mementos that bring me and my family joy, ensuring the house in order with everything in its place, giving it a spring-clean, brushing on that much-needed new coat of paint, the gathering of family at the dinner table, etc.

There are plenty of other little things that we take for granted. Some of the general little things in my life that I enjoy and appreciate most are the hugs I give and receive, the smiles I get from others, and the warm greetings amongst family and friends.  What I  like about them is that they cost nothing, take minimal effort, and they generate the best energy around. Who says the best things in life are not free?

So, how can we be more aware of the little things in life that we may enjoy them? How do we embrace  and celebrate the joy in life with little things?

Here Are 5 Simple Ways:


We incline to take little things for granted because they are just too small to make a big impact in our life, or we don’t think it matters enough. Being grateful for the people and things around us can bring us to the present moment of appreciating all that we have around us, especially the little things that we tend to overlook.

Gratitude shifts our awareness to all things big and small. It also brings forth the peace, contentment, and happiness that is within us.

Daily Gratitude Reflections:

  • When you wake up in the morning, what do you look forward to that can make your day cheerful?
  • When you go to bed at night, what moments of the day brought a smile to your face?
  • Who are the people you surround yourself with?
  • Do you see the beauty and love in your thoughts, words, and actions, in your surroundings and surrounding people? If not, learn to slow down, and try to take a step back to notice how you feel as you go about the day.

Have a gratitude journal to reflect and record the things you are grateful for every day. While you appreciate everything and every experience you have, be grateful too, for the people who help to improve your life and make your day a better day.


Sometimes, the little things we do for others occupy the biggest part of their hearts. Do you remember the time you helped someone to cross the road? Or perhaps, you recall the time when you gave a caring hug to someone who needed it or offered your friend a shoulder to cry on when her boyfriend left her? Having a big heart to do random little acts of kindness that help others without the need for appreciation or recognition generally bring much inner joy and peace to ourselves.

The simple act of paying a compliment, giving a smile, a hug and a kind word are some of the beauty and joy of small giving.


Care enough to love everything around you. When we practice love, we are kinder, gentler, and more loving. We take care to look after the person or thing more diligently. It’s these little acts that will be remembered as meaningful as time passes.

Love yourself too. Give yourself some “ME” time and remember to enjoy all the little pleasures that you may experience as you go about your daily chores and tasks.


Be as curious as a cat. See the world with new eyes every day. Pay attention to things that normally disinterest you, and start to notice the wonders surrounding you. Feel the sand under your feet as you walk on the beach. Take time to stop and smell the roses. Check out the petals to see if you notice the delicate, beautiful image it forms. See how the morning dew shines as you breathe in the fresh morning air. You may be surprised by what joy you can discover.


It goes without saying that when we are mindful, we will be more aware of what is happening around us and within us. When we are aware of what and how we think, say and do, we will be able to see all matters , big and small more clearly.

Can you name some of the little blessings to celebrate the great joy in your life?

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