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Caffeine Coffee And Wine Lovers

Coffee and Wine

Written by Mimi Low

A coach, mentor and writer who Is passionate about helping individuals be their personal inner best and who aspires to share the virtues of love, kindness and compassion In making a better world.


Coffee And Wine Is Good For Health.

This is definitely great news for coffee and wine lovers. Coffee, mostly a morning drink; wakes us up and wine, a dining accompaniment may relax us in the evening.What better way to begin and end the day! I certainly enjoy my cup of coffee every morning, and definitely not decaf ……pfft – decaf is not real coffee! I could not imagine starting my day without real coffee, and a glass of wine would be lovely with my dining when the mood dictates.

According to research as posted in Real Age, these two beverages not only keep the mind young, but in moderation may prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Both these drinks contain substance that could help ward off dementia.

It seems animal studies have shown that  coffee contains granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (GCSF) a substance that recruits cells from bone marrow to help sweep out the plaques (beta- amyloid deposits) that cause Alzheimer’s symptoms. And the polyphenols found in red wine reduces the levels of peptides that contributes to the beta-amyloid deposits.

On top of that, coffee and wine may help to strengthen the brain by helping the nerve cells (neurons) build new connections and protecting it from the neurotoxic effects of Alzheimer’s plaques.

If you are already a coffee drinker or a wine lover, this additional benefit is certainly welcoming news.  Enjoy your drinks, but please do not get overboard as too much will have ill effects.

So how much is too much?

It entirely depends on your metabolism rate, and unless you can rate how fast your metabolism can do its job,  moderation is always the best.

For coffee drinkers:

On an average, two to four cups of normal brewed coffee (about 95mg of caffeine per cup) and no more than 500mg of caffeine per day is considered a safe level of consumption. Kids, adolescents, pregnant women and those who may be having conditions or taking medications that may be affected by caffeine more easily should cut back even further. Too much coffee may cause headaches, restlessness, insomnia and aggravate acid reflux. To check out how much of your favourite coffee you should drink, use this guide from Mayo clinic.

For Wine Lovers:

Research by NIH has shown that frequent heavy or binged drinking can be detrimental to your cognitive performance/development and may cause brain damage and liver disease. Pregnant women who drink heavily are also more likely to have children with with serious cognitive deficits. So again, I would say please do enjoy your wine….a glass a day is good for your heart.

So here I make a toast that we may all all drink wisely to our health. Cheers!

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