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New Year Resolutions 2020

New Year Resolutions 2020

To Have Or Not? New Year’s Resolutions 2020

Happy New Year 2020. It’s the first day of the year and I suppose we are all busy making merry and new year resolutions.

Well, I made a lot of merriments but no New Year resolutions.

I was having New Year’s lunch with some close friends, and was asked what was my New Year’s resolution? I immediately said  “No, I don’t have any; and I’ve not made any since umpteenth years ago”.

The reason I gave up making resolutions years ago is that resolutions have never worked for me. I rarely achieve my New Year’s resolution each year.

According to various reports and surveys, the success rate for New Year’s resolutions is said to be 20 percent, and about 65 percent lose their resolve by the first quarter of the year. If you are one of those rare people who actually do achieve your New Year’s resolutions every year, congratulations!

Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Work?

Having a New Year resolution is similar to having a goal. However, it mainly does not work because it is a set annual goal that you resolve to achieve but not necessary what you really want to do or have fun doing. In most cases, there is no continued motivation or commitment as the year moves on and we are hit with the daily activities and situations that distract us from our resolutions. 

My Approach

So if you are like me, it’s okay to let go of resolutions. Throw them out the window or into the bin.

Does that mean we should not make any goals in life? No.

Goals actually give us purpose in life. The difference between successful goals and an unsuccessful New Year’s resolutions is to set realistic achievable goals that is a part of you and what you really want accomplish to get the best out of life. So how do we set goals like a history maker?

  1. Reflect and plan your life. What are your top life values? What principles do you want to uphold? What are the things that must happen between now and the last day of your life for you to feel you have lived a beautiful successful life?
  2. Define what you want to accomplish. Be strategic. Don’t live in reactive mode.
  3. Be precise with your goal. Clarity breeds mastery.
  4. Deconstruct your goal. Truly understand why you want to do it, how you are going to achieve it and then create a do-able game plan.
  5. Keep a journal. It organizes your thinking and allows you to review your thoughts and actions.
  6. Redefine your goal if you need to. Nothing is permanent.

I focus on daily intentions to realise my goals. Every day, I journal a daily actionable list with my end goal in mind. Before I go to bed, I will note what I want to achieve the next day in accordance to my goal and write down 3 to 5 activities I must do. When I complete my list for the day, I celebrate my achievement.  This approach allows me to be in the moment, and when my intentions for each day are completed, I am kept motivated and this makes it easy for me to stay committed. Journalling makes it easy for me to keep track, to dissect my thoughts and actions if I need to and allows me to see how far I have journeyed to be where I am.

Try it. For example, if you want to get healthy and fitter, just write down 3 to 5 simple healthy things that you can succeed for each day.
1. Drink 8 glasses of water
2. Do 3 sets of ten squats morning and evening.
3. Salad for lunch
4. Take a 15 minit walk.
5. Go dancing with a friend.

Write a new achievable list every day. Make it short/easy/fun/do-able. Complete your list before the end of the day. Remember to celebrate your own small wins each day. You will feel great about your daily achievements. Do this consistently and before you know it, you will see the full result of your everyday actions.

I truly trust this will help you walk the little steps to your success. Feel free to let me know how it goes. Cheers for now!

Life Is Meant To Be Happy

Life Is Meant To Be Happy

Life is not meant to be the best. Life is meant to be happy.


How do we define success or for that matter happiness? When we are successful, we are happy and when we are happy, we are successful in all we do.

So is success and happiness linked to material wealth, health wealth or spiritual wealth?

To me a successful life filled with joy means we have a roof over our head to keep us safe and warm, enough food on our table, great health and especially be full of spiritual wealth. When we stop chasing material things and appreciate what we already have, when we are in good health and when we are at peace within our self, life is balanced.

So what does this phrase “Life Is Meant To Be Happy” mean? Well, let me tell you this amazing story of the 99 Club and hopefully, it will enlighten you to see the truth about happiness in this case.

Once upon a time, there lived a King who, despite his luxurious lifestyle, was not happy nor contented. One day when he was out travelling, he noticed a peasant who was singing happily while he worked.

The King wondered how this lowly peasant who has nothing can be so contented and asked the man “Why are you singing so happily?”

The peasant replied, “ Your Majesty, I am but a common man. However, my family and myself don’t have much wants, just warm food to fill our bellies and a roof over our heads.”

The King doubted the man’s words. When he returned to his palace, he sought advice from his most trusted minister. After hearing the King’s headache, the minister said “Your Majesty, I believe this peasant that you saw is not a member of the 99 Club yet.”

“The 99 Club?” asked the King. The minister proceeded to explain. “Your Majesty, to understand the 99 Club, you need to deliver 99 gold coins in a bag and place in on the man’s front door.”

So the King did exactly that the next day. When the peasant returned home that evening, he saw a bag on his doorstep. He took it into his house and opened it. When he realised the bag was filled with gold coins, he gave out a shout of glee. He began to count the coins one by one and after several counts, he confirmed there were 99 gold coins. He began to wonder why there were only 99 coins? “What happened to that last gold coin? No one would leave just 99 coins!”

He searched everywhere but he could not find the 100th coin. He decided that he would start working harder to earn the one gold coin that would complete his collection of 100 gold coins.

From that day, the peasant worked extra hard and had no time for his family. He was completely focussed on earning the one gold coin. He worked from morning to night without stopping. He was exhausted and grumpy by the end of the day. He stopped enjoying his work and he stopped singing.

The King observed the dramatic change in the peasant and was puzzled. He asked his minister to explain. His minister replied “Your Majesty, the man is now a member of the 99 Club. The Club consist of people who have enough to be happy but they are forever striving for that one extra thing that they think will make them happy, thus they are never satisfied nor happy.”

The moral of this story is that we can be happy and contented regardless if we have a lot or very little in our lives. The moment we forget to appreciate what we already have and let our desire and greed overpower us, we join the world of discontentment and unhappiness; adding unnecessary stress into our lives. Choose to be happy while living your dreams. After all, life is meant to be happy, truly.

Have you count your blessings today?


Make Your Dreams into Reality

Make Your Dreams into Reality

Dreams can only become a reality with hard work and determination.
When you do nothing, nothing happens.

“Making Dreams Into Reality Is Easy With The Right Mindset And Actions.”

Do you dream? And if you do, what do you dream of? Do you dream of making enough money to retire early, spending more time with family, travelling the world? Do you dream BIG? Do you believe you have the potential to be the greatest that you dare dream, to make your dream a reality?

How do we make our dreams into reality?

Well, of course, first of all, you need to allow yourself to dream.
  • Choose your dream and imagine the life you want to have.
Visualize your dream.
  • Create a big screen where you see yourself already living your dream.
  • Feel the emotion as you watch your imagined screen.
Act on the dream.
  • Plan the daily steps you need towards achieving your dream.
  • Everyday, ensure you complete your tasks that will assist you in stepping towards your dream.
  • Assign deadlines to your tasks and when you reach the milestone, celebrate the joy of completing the goal towards your dream.

Remember, no mountain is too high and no ocean is too wide. Realize that it takes time, effort and patience to go the mile for your dreams. If you put your heart and mind to it, you can make it happen. Turn your dreams into reality by planning and taking the right actions that will lead you to your dreams coming true.

So be brave enough to dream and start embarking on turning your dreams into reality. You can make it happen at whatever age!


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